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What We Do

What We Do



Accurate Converter offers transparent and consistent custom buying options to best suit each customers specific needs. With per piece buying, all pieces are graded, priced, and purchased in relation to current market pricing.


Alternatively to the “per piece” purchasing, Accurate Converter offers customers the option to have their material toll refined. This involves a simple contract, where terms and conditions are agreed upon prior to transaction, and the material is then processed, sampled, and assayed to determine the amounts of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium present. Once the assay is finalized, the customer is paid out accordingly. 


With over 117 years of experience in the metals industry and 30 years in the converter industry, Accurate Converter is able to assist customers throughout the purchasing process. With an extensive and constantly growing database of converter samples catalogued, we offer both online and on-site converter recognition training. Our goal is to provide our customers with the purchasing tools and information needed to make buying as smooth and easy a process as possible. 

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For customers on assay / toll agreements, Accurate Converter offers quotes for spot or forward pricing, as well as the ability to hedge material, in order to help minimize risk with regards to market volatility and fluctuations. All hedging can be done at the customers discretion, and is specified within the contract terms.

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