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Assay: Unveiling the Science behind Catalytic Converters in the world of automotive metals recycling

In the world of automotive metals recycling, assay plays a pivotal role in determining the composition and quality of precious metals and ores, a key assessment of spent catalytic converter value.

Understanding Assay

Assay methods involve various analytical techniques to identify the presence and concentration of specific elements within a sample. With several specialized methods for assaying catalytic converter, the obvious question is:

Which is best and most precise?

The short answer is that Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP- OES) is seen as the industry standard. However, human error can factor into any method.

There are several other factors that can yield inaccurate results. All tested samples must be properly dried because high moisture levels can interfere with the reactions of the converter. Contaminants such as oil and dirt, may also have accumulated on the converter, which requires additional cleaning.

Ensuring accuracy

With the value of your investment at stake, you shouldn’t have to just trust a single result. Working with a reputable recycler means you won’t have to. Here is what all recyclers should be providing to you when you are Assaying your converters:

  • Reputable refiners

  • ICP-OES test results sent direct from a 3rd party lab

  • In-house verification testing

  • Sample Retain, go elsewhere and independently VERIFY results

Assay and Accuracy

What sets Accurate Converter apart is our commitment to transparency. We believe this level of visibility into the lab results is the right of our customers. With this commitment to our customers, you can be assured that you are getting accurate valuation and compensation, every time.

  • Accurate Converter has established relationships working with industry leading, publicly traded, global refiners.

  • When you recycle with us, you receive assay lab results sent direct from our smelting partners.

  • Accurate Converter also uses in-house X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry testing, comparing our results to those of the refiner to ensure accuracy.

  • It’s your right to ask for Sample Retain. We provide them to all of our assay clients.

If you'd like to find out more, feel free to Contact Us.

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