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Employee Spotlight: Cliff Hope, National Sales Executive

At Accurate, our commitment to transparency, competitive pricing and consultative approach to customer service are what set us apart.Today we're launching a new series of blog posts highlighting some of our employees at the center of that philosophy, starting with Cliff Hope, National Sales Executive.

Q: How did you come to work in the catalytic converter recycling industry?

A: I had an early career in media management selling radio and print advertising. Friends of friends introduced me to the “cat” industry and I found it fascinating. Now, more than a decade later, I’ve been able to lean on my sales and marketing background to help shape how we at Accurate Converter develop and service our clientele.

Q: Tell us about your responsibilities at Accurate Converter and what you do day-to-day.

A: I’m charged with building the client base in North America, and to a smaller extent internationally. I’m focused on helping customers understand our process and how we can get them more for their material. Much of my job entails actively listening to our clients so that we can best serve them.

Q: What changes have you seen since you started in the business?

A: The access to information has been transformative. When I started in the business, data on individual pieces wasn’t tracked or captured. Databases of information weren’t available. We’re now able to rely on historical information to make better business decisions.

Q: What are the greatest challenges facing the industry today?

A: We’re seeing changes to laws state-by-state, which adds a great deal of complexity to the industry. It’s incumbent upon us to ensure we understand how to conduct business in various markets and we’re seeing many of our competitors just can’t keep up.

Q: What is your favorite part about working in the industry?

A: Hands down it’s the people. The valued relationships that I’ve established with our clients are just business related, they’re personal as well. I’m not in it for one load or one deal. I want to be seen as a trusted resource for each and every customer.

Q: When you’re not at Accurate Converter, what do you do for fun?

A: Travel! I met my wife in Cuba on vacation many years ago. We’ve now been to 64 countries together. Italy remains one of our favorite destinations.

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