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Transparency in the PGM recycling industry

Transparency. It’s more than a buzzword. Having the right tools, information and support is the difference between having to guess and knowing you’re not getting ripped off (getting the best deal, being treated fairly).

We feel strongly that the best relationships are partnerships. It’s why Accurate Converter takes a consultative approach to buying and selling. We rely on great partners to ensure success, and we understand and appreciate that our partners want and expect the same from us. From our loyal clients to our established relationships with industry leading, publicly traded, global refiners, we recognize that your success and growth contributes to ours and vice versa.

The right tools, information and support. What is your current recycling partner missing?

  • Educated, knowledgeable team that can clearly lay out every step of the buying process

  • Fair, competitive and consistent pricing with the ability to decipher and explain differences between competing processors’ rates and terms sheets

  • Clear choices on toll refining, per piece buying, hedging options and other ways to protect your investment

  • Six facilities nationwide, along with the options for secure shipping from anywhere in the continental U.S. and a direct ship option to our refining partners

  • Reports sent direct from the refinery

  • In-house testing for comparison results

  • Providing Sample Retain for additional verification and transparency

  • Compliance-led approach to our own and our partners’ businesses

· Responsible sourcing guidelines

  • Licensed operations in every state where we operate

  • Guidance for partners on state-by-state and federal regulations

  • Established relationships with industry leading, publicly traded, global refiners

  • Contributions to the broader ecosystem through trade associations and industry groups

Trust, but VERIFY

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