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Responsible sourcing guidelines: Why our compliance is essential to your business

As a yard owner, protecting your business is important. You want the best price, and you don’t want any trouble.

Every state in the nation has some type of law on the books around buying and selling catalytic converters, some stricter than others, with many pushing tougher legislation in an effort to combat the theft epidemic.

“But my yard doesn’t buy stolen catalytic converters.”

With authorities ramping up enforcement nationwide, that might not matter. Selling to a buyer with questionable practices – even if your cats are responsibly sourced -- could land your business and you in hot water.

Photo ID and recording vehicle VIN numbers are standard procedure when it comes to responsible sourcing. But not all states require this type of recordkeeping, and even where these regulations are in place, there are still a number of shady buyers who are still dealing in cash and/or aren’t keeping diligent records.

A questionable buyer that might not be keeping detailed, unit-specific sales records could ultimately compel authorities to look at each and every one of their sellers. Beyond that possibility, your lots could be contributing to laundering money, mixing lots, or any number of illegal practices that could jeopardize your payments, or worse, it could land you in legal trouble.

Working with partners who abide by responsible sourcing guidelines will ultimately help to cut down on converter thefts. But even aside from just the right thing, the fact is that not doing so is just not worth the risk to your business.

Accurate Converter takes a compliance-led approach to every part of our business, beginning with the knowledge of our Chief Compliance Officer. When we say every part of our business, that means our partners as well. Our consultative approach to buying and selling means our veteran industry experts know the red flags to look for and are there to help you navigate every aspect of compliance.

We (Top Tier Converter Companies) are constantly working together with legislators, industry associations, local and federal authorities to put the right laws and regulations in place to stamp out the bad actors and curb converter theft and to help promote the sustainability and integrity of the industry.

Compliance-related questions to ask:

1. Is your converter buyer a member of your professional trade association? ARA and ISRI for example.

2. Does your converter buyer attend, sponsor, exhibit and present at trade shows and events?

3. Have you seen your converter buyer’s license to buy material in your state.

4. What is their responsible sourcing practice?

5. Does your buyer have a physical business location?

6. Have you seen its ownership information?

7. Does your partner offer transparent business practices?

Questions? Call us: 401-262-3500

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